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Artificial Intelligence AI

What impact will artificial intelligence have on an organization’s long-term strategy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to tackle a wide range of organizational challenges while also providing much-needed adaptability as humans learn to make more complicated decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to aid companies in reorienting their entire business model. Data collection and processing capabilities are continuously improving, creating the new potential to […]

Augmented reality

The Evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In recent years, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become increasingly popular. Images captured with a camera, frequently a smartphone camera, are enhanced with augmented reality software to add digital shapes to the real-world image. When it comes to virtual reality, the emphasis is on immersion, thus special glasses and headphones are used to […]

Emerging Technologies

Understanding the value and impact of Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are those technologies that are at the beginning stages of development or are in their early stages, where they are beginning to emerge into popularity from obscurity. Emerging technologies are a class of new technological innovations that are being developed or will be developed over the next five to ten years. To be defined […]

Technology, Data, AI

Using Technology, Data, and Artificial Intelligence to improve the Customer Experience

Data and technology are incredibly durable, and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are all evolving customer experience in significant ways. Most information is derived from the use of  smartphones and the Internet on a regular basis. This information is referred to as big data, and it is here that Artificial intelligence can […]

Human-Artificial intelligence

Bridging the Human-Artificial Intelligence Gap

As our dependence on Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows, it’s more important than ever to grasp the dynamics of Human-Artificial Intelligence and how we communicate with it in order to improve and elevate the tasks we perform. Human-Artificial Intelligence is especially important in areas where it is used to support high-risk decision making processes. With artificial […]

Business Automation

5 things every business should automate

To meet changing market demands, business automation combines business process and business rules management with modern application development. According to a Forrester survey, up to 22% of companies lack process and workflow automation. If you want to increase your revenue and keep your customers satisfied, you should start focusing on operational excellence. Automation of business […]

Dynamic Risk Assessment

The Importance of Dynamic Risk Assessment in an Organization

Dynamic Risk Assessment is a new approach to risk assessment that aims to help individuals and organisations better understand the environment they live in and potential risk possibilities in the future. In the rapidly changing circumstances of an operational process, Dynamic Risk Assessment is the continuous process of recognizing risks, evaluating risk, taking steps to […]

Cybersecurity Crenov8 Insights

In a Digital era with Emerging Technological Innovations, Cybersecurity is more important now than ever

Cybersecurity is inextricably related to technological innovations, and it must include the full range of approaches and techniques for developing reliable technology and services. Businesses are able to look beyond conventional operating models and reach new horizons thanks to new technology such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, […]

Business Intelligence

How important is Business Intelligence to an organization? (Analytics)

Business intelligence (BI) is the application of business analytics, data analysis, visual analytics, analysis tools, and methodologies to help organizations in making more data-driven decisions. BI, on the other hand, can assist businesses in making better decisions by displaying current and historical data within the context of their market. BI is a method that employs […]

Global Fintech Industry trends 2021

Global Fintech Industry Trends 2021 (Analytics)

Financial Technology, or “FinTech,” has become the industry’s great disruptor; it’s a disruptive revolution that has transformed everything and everyone. The industry is growing at an exponential pace. FinTech is a simmering powerhouse for investment, fierce competition, and burgeoning demand. Furthermore, one main context will characterize 2021: the growth of the connected customer, whose problems, […]