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Design Thinking

When it comes to Design Thinking, Why do we put more emphasis on Insights?

The human-centered approach to innovation, known as Design Thinking, encompasses the demands of consumers, the potential of technology, and the necessities for growth and profitability. Thinking like a designer may have a profound impact on how organizations innovate ideas, offerings, operations, and growth strategies. When it comes to helping organizations gain a deeper understanding of their […]

Gaming Industry

Statistics and Trends in the Global Gaming Industry

As the foremost provider of entertainment in modern technology, the gaming industry is probably one of the most important sectors in tech. Over the past few decades, the gaming business has skyrocketed. Nonetheless, it was the increasing popularity of the internet and mobile devices that was behind the expansion of the gaming business, from tens […]

Innovation Process

The Seven phases of Innovation Process

Developing an innovation process can boost the long-term value of a company. Businesses are more than ever realizing the importance of the innovation process. The creation of an imaginative idea or even the alteration of an existing idea to create a modified solution is both examples of innovation. The value of innovation to a company’s long-term […]

Inclusive culture

Fostering an inclusive culture: Why is it so important?

An inclusive culture is all about connecting people with others to make a positive contribution and also have a sense of identity and belonging. Sustaining an inclusive workplace allows employees from all backgrounds and experiences to achieve success and thrive in their career paths. An Inclusive culture also values and sees the differences which we all bring to […]

Data Technology

How Data Technology delivers and drives business value

In recent years, data technology has emerged as a highly effective tool for businesses, regardless of their size or industry sector. The most major benefit of Big Data is that it provides organizations with a number of innovative possibilities. The ability to improve operational efficiency, inspire innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and most importantly, maximize profits […]

Digital wallet

Digital Wallet spending will grow to more than $10 Trillion by 2025

According to a new report, consumer spending through digital wallets would hit more than $10 trillion in 2025, up from $5.5tn last year.  The rise of more than 80 per cent over the five-year period will be driven by the increased adoption of digital payments in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK-based Juniper Research […]


What is 5G Technology? Everything you need to know

The rate of adoption of 5G technology is significantly faster than that of 4G, let alone 3G, and it is another another evidence of an industry that never stops innovating and bringing new technologies to market. The fifth-generation mobile network is referred to as 5G. After 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, it is a new […]


Why is social media marketing more important now than ever?

While the majority of businesses recognize that innovation is the heartbeat of a successful business, many have overlooked the necessity of marketing, particularly social media marketing. Undoubtedly, this frequently leads to the loss or waste of opportunities, which, evidently, contributes to the loss of many organizations. Today, social media marketing for businesses is more crucial […]

Diversity and Inclusivity

How Diversity and Inclusivity Can Drive Business Innovation

Diversity and Inclusivity are crucial components of success and are key drivers of innovation. People are at the heart of innovation, it’s about the innovative ideas that people can come up with when they work together in diverse and inclusive teams. Ideas don’t emerge out of nowhere, they’re originated from people.  Teams that are more diverse and inclusive in […]

Technology Tools

Top Technology Tools Every Business Needs Today to Save Time and Money

Business technology tools can help you save time and money so you can expand your company. With the rapid growth and adoption of emerging innovative technologies, a perfect blend of business and technology is required to build a successful business in today’s market. Almost all of a business operations are now facilitated by technology, however […]