Digital business vs Doing Digital

Digital transformation business strategy

In order to advance a company towards its defined vision, doing Digital,  digital business strategy and digital business transformation must align. 
Digital business strategyis a process of diagnosing and removing near-term problems using technology, while digital business transformation is the managerial process of building harmony between digital business strategy, organizational culture, closing digital gaps in expertise, agile innovation, and tactical excellence.

A Digital Strategy is not a business strategy, but a lens on the business strategy.

Digital business vs Doing Digital;

Digital Business: Transforming the culture and practice of business

Doing Digital: Merging technology with business processes management and marketing

Digital Business: Aim to create market disruption

Doing Digital: Adapt to changes when necessary

Digital Business: Management provides specific direction and leadership

Doing Digital: Management gives supportive feedback

For any organization to succeed and thrive, it must understand that “Digital Business” is about transforming business culture and practice while “Doing Digital” is about the merging of technology with business processes, marketing, and business operations to enable innovation and creativity within the organization in order to enrich the customer experience.
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