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Richest Countries

Top ten Richest Countries in the World in 2021

It is possible to rank the richest countries based on their GDP per capita or gross domestic product per capita, and then compare them to one another by looking at the GDP per capita of each country throughout the world. You may then decide which states are the wealthiest based on this information. Some extremely […]

Business Terminologies

Important Business Terminologies everyone should know

To improve your business acumen, you must first learn basic business terminologies. However, understanding key business fundamentals does not necessitate a Degree  in business. A continual learning process is a part of running a business. As a business person, you should never stop learning regardless where you are in your profession, there will always be a […]

customer experience

Top customer experience facts and figures you should know to help your business thrive

Customer experience has quickly risen to the top of the priority list for organizations. When it comes to choosing between brands, customers value experiences above everything else. Customers’ loyalty is no longer based on pricing or product alone, instead customers remain loyal to brands because of the experiences they have had with them. The consumers […]

Technology Tipping Point 2030

11 Technology Tipping Points we will reach by 2030 – Analytics

Technology has evolved to the point that it is no longer regarded as an option, but rather as a necessity. By 2030, many of the new innovations that you hear about today would have reached a tipping point. Here are 11 Technology tipping points we will reach by 2030; • By 2022, one trillion sensors […]


Is sustainability Important to Consumers? (Analytics)

Over the last five years organizations all over the world have increased their emphasis on sustainability. As customers gradually support social movements and pursue goods and brands that align with their ideals, sustainability has indeed crossed a threshold. Organizations must protect the earth while still increasing long-term sustainability by reducing pollution and resolving global threats to […]

Design thinking

The Importance of Design Thinking in Business (Analytics)

Businesses that recognize the importance of incorporating design thinking into their processes are making a fortune. Reinforcing a design-driven culture that prioritizes the customer can provide the company with not only tangible results, but also a significant competitive advantage. We use design thinking to solve complex problems, and it’s a method of using systemic logic […]

Most Profitable Companies 2020

The World’s 10 Most Profitable Companies in 2020

The list of the world’s most profitable companies provides insight into which countries have the most global influence and which industries have the most economic leverage. In 2019, the top 500 corporations in the world created $33.3 trillion in sales and $2.1 trillion in profit. During the pandemic, some of the world’s largest corporations grew, […]

Business Intelligence

How important is Business Intelligence to an organization? (Analytics)

Business intelligence (BI) is the application of business analytics, data analysis, visual analytics, analysis tools, and methodologies to help organizations in making more data-driven decisions. BI, on the other hand, can assist businesses in making better decisions by displaying current and historical data within the context of their market. BI is a method that employs […]

Global Fintech Industry trends 2021

Global Fintech Industry Trends 2021 (Analytics)

Financial Technology, or “FinTech,” has become the industry’s great disruptor; it’s a disruptive revolution that has transformed everything and everyone. The industry is growing at an exponential pace. FinTech is a simmering powerhouse for investment, fierce competition, and burgeoning demand. Furthermore, one main context will characterize 2021: the growth of the connected customer, whose problems, […]

artificial intelligence Finance

According to a recent report by Oracle, Artificial Intelligence is the future of Finance

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have gradually increased confidence in robotic software tools over the last few years. Although robotic process automation (RPA) has long been recognized as having potential applications in finance departments. According to the recent report, we may have reached a tipping point, fuelled at least in part by the […]