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Tech trends that will redefine Business in 2021

The crisis of COVID-19 has driven transformation in a crucial and unexpected way. Increasing number of organizations across sectors are accelerating their technology investments not just to make their operations more efficient, but also to adapt to sensational changes in the market and client needs. The ecosystem of technological innovations has been evaluated by Tech Trends […]

Top 10 Google Searches in 2020

Top 10 Google Searches in 2020

Google released its top searches for the year 2020: 1) Coronavirus 2) Election results 3) Kobe Bryant 4) Zoom 5) IPL 6) India vs New Zealand 7) Coronavirus update 8) Coronavirus symptoms 9) Joe Biden 10) Google Classroom  

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10 Ways to Redefine your Business for Sustainability in 2021

Following the unprecedented Covid-19 global pandemic, 2021 must be a year of restructuring, for every organizations globally.  Business organizations must redesign, recreate, and adapt to be sustainable for the post Covid-pandemic recovery. Ok, here’s how: Digital transformation is a must, investment needs to be increased in digitalization Decide which part of the organization needs to permanently […]


Everything you need to know about the Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE

The Economic Substances Regulations, supplemented by guidelines released on September 11, 2019, were issued by the United Arab Emirates Cabinet of Ministers to apply to all entities engaged in a related operation in the UAE, including entities formed in free zones and financial free zones.   In 2019, in response to being blacklisted by the EU […]

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After last month’s record-breaking diamond tender, DMCC will host six more

In January, DMCC will host six diamond tenders at the largest diamond tendering facility in the world, the Dubai Diamond Exchange. This follows last month’s record-breaking tender, which saw the highest ever rough diamond tender sales in the UAE.   In addition to the usual long-term hosts, Trans Atlantic Gems Sales (TAGS), Stargems, and Rapaport, three […]

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Digital business vs Doing Digital

In order to advance a company towards its defined vision, digital business strategy and digital business transformation must align.    Digital business strategyis a process of diagnosing and removing near-term problems using technology, while digital business transformation is the managerial process of building harmony between digital business strategy, organizational culture, closing digital gaps in expertise, […]

Client relationship management

5 Effective Ways to Build Strong Client Relationships in Your Organization

Organizations in many instances hardly interact or maintain any relationship with their clients or customers at the expiry of the business transactions. While a few others try to communicate with their clients to market a new product or distribute a newsletter publication. A strong client relationship involves effectively managing interactions with existing, past, and potential […]

Happy new year from Crenov8

Crenov8 wishes you a Happy New Year.

Fresh HOPES, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh PLANS, Fresh COMMITMENTS. Welcome, 2021 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year!!  

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Important Digital Transformation Statistics to Enhance Business Performance

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a business, improving current and creating new operation processes, as well as deliver more value to customers. It cuts across all business units, how their business processes are executed and the nature of interactions that occur with customers; calling for a need to […]

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Effective Tips to Enabling Holiday Cheer and Productivity During the Festive Period

The festive season in many organizations comes with a variety of activities and high spirits, not leaving out the end of year tasks in various departments that still need to be done effectively to avoid stalling the business processes. This calls for a balance between spreading holiday cheer among teams in the most creative ways […]