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Cost Management

The Role of Technology in Cost Management

Technology plays a significant role in cost management by enabling businesses to streamline processes, optimize operations, and make informed financial decisions. Here are some key ways technology contributes to cost management: 1. Automated Financial Systems: Technology allows businesses to automate financial processes such as budgeting, accounting, and expense management. Automated systems reduce manual effort, minimize […]

Venture Capital

The Pros and Cons of Venture Capital Funding

Investors who feel that a startup business or a small company has the potential for significant long-term growth will often give what is known as venture capital (VC), which is a type of private equity as well as a type of investment. There are numerous benefits to securing venture funding. Rapidly expanding start-ups may only […]

Master Negotiator

How to Become A Master Negotiator In 6 Easy Steps

Master negotiators are individuals with a proven track record of success in negotiations, they are problem solvers who also seek out new opportunities. One of the most useful skills you may have in the corporate world is the ability to effectively negotiate. To close big deals, you must first learn to listen carefully and patiently. […]

Management Consultant

To Be A Successful Management Consultant, You must First understand what it takes

A management consultant does in-depth research and analysis, and then gives an objective viewpoint and insight on challenges and complicated company concerns and needs. Companies seek out management consultants to assist them with resolving their company’s most pressing issues or projects. In addition to providing hands-on project implementation, execution, and assessment advisory, management consultants work directly with executive […]

Organization Change

Implementing and sustaining long-term organizational change

The first step is to initiate change, however, sustaining organizational change is a continuous task. Organizations must comprehend their employees’ expectations as well as the root causes of their resistance. Seventy percent of corporate restructuring attempts fail or fall well short of their reform objectives. While most fail in the early stages due to a […]

Dynamic Risk Assessment

The Importance of Dynamic Risk Assessment in an Organization

Dynamic Risk Assessment is a new approach to risk assessment that aims to help individuals and organisations better understand the environment they live in and potential risk possibilities in the future. In the rapidly changing circumstances of an operational process, Dynamic Risk Assessment is the continuous process of recognizing risks, evaluating risk, taking steps to […]

Global Fintech Industry trends 2021

Global Fintech Industry Trends 2021 (Analytics)

Financial Technology, or “FinTech,” has become the industry’s great disruptor; it’s a disruptive revolution that has transformed everything and everyone. The industry is growing at an exponential pace. FinTech is a simmering powerhouse for investment, fierce competition, and burgeoning demand. Furthermore, one main context will characterize 2021: the growth of the connected customer, whose problems, […]

Agile Organization Crenov8

Transforming to an Agile Organization

Organizational resilience is becoming increasingly important to companies, as businesses are adopting strategies to become a more agile organization. Recognizing that in a world of rapidly evolving technology, consumer demands, and competition, agility provides a distinct competitive advantage. However, traditional organizations are based on a static, siloed structural hierarchy, while agile organizations are made up […]

customer experience crenov8

Customer Experience is fundamental to the long term growth of any Business

A great customer experience is important to any business’s success because a satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal one who can help your business increase sales. It has been shown that improving customer experience increases retention, loyalty, and income. The key to using CX to drive sales is to build an experience […]

Passive collaboration Crenov8

The Importance of Passive Collaboration and Why it is Essential to your Business

For decades, companies have been experimenting with the idea of passive collaboration, flexible work practices. With many finding the advantages of doing so. The overwhelming majority of businesses, however, were convinced only after an ongoing pandemic. Businesses all over the world were forced to switch to remote work with the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020. […]